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quinta-feira, 13 de agosto de 2009

Seven Reasons to Love Tea

Seven Reasons to Love Tea

The number one reason is that tea tastes good! It is fairly easy to lose sight of this when we think about the many other attributes of tea.

Tea is both refreshing and relaxing.

Tea is full of powerful natural compounds that are beneficial to health. Scientists have found that tea can have an inhibitory effect on cardiovascular disease and certain forms of cancer. It contributes to good oral health and has been found to help maintain bone density and reduce stress.

Tea is a natural product, virtually devoid of calories, fat, sodium and other potentially harmful ingredients.

Tea is versatile and compatible with many foods and flavorings.

Tea provides a nearly endless array of taste sensations. Like fine wines, the rarest forms of tea are sought after the world over. Yet tea is inexpensive, even in its most exotic forms.

Tea represents Old World traditions. Inviting friends for tea can provide an elegant social occasion.

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