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quinta-feira, 25 de junho de 2009

Classical Paper Tea Bags OR Silken Pyramids????

Classical Tea Bags or Silken Pyramids????

The same question could be asked of you as a tea consumer:

Tea Bags or Silken Pyramids?
Do you know the differences between paper filtered and Pyramid tea bags and why you might choose one over the other? Typically, most grocery-store mass produced tea bags are made of paper. Nowadays most of the whole loose leaves are usually placed into Bioderadable silken Pyramids. The difference between the two is a matter of infusion, aesthetics and manufacturing cost.

For the mass tea manufacturer, normal tea bags are the cheapest form of product packaging. The paper tea bag has been an industry standard for so long that just about anyone can build a die and begin to manufacturer the bags.However, if you tear open a bag of mass-produced store bought tea what do you notice? You notice how ground up the tea leaves are.

The unique shape of the pyramid allows to fill the silken infuser with premium ingredients-Real Leaf Teas,Whole Buds,Flowers,Natural herbs,Exotic Spices and real fruit pieces.Each blend,cradled in the Pyramid,speaks of perfection and delivers maximum enjoyment.The structure of Pyramids has given the opportunity to fill the most ingredients and herbs which was never possible with the restrictions of a classical tea bsg(paper).The magic of the pyramid is-as you begin to brew your tea,just watch your cup unfold,as each ingredients is free to release all its flavour,dancing in the cup,swirling in the water.The fine silk fabric allows a clear view through the bag,you will find yourself examining each ingredient.Beaitiful to eye and makes your moment pleasure and unforgettable.

For premium silken pyramids in various blends camomile-Tropical Dreams-Tranquility.....

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