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segunda-feira, 13 de julho de 2009

Blooming Teas or Flowering Teas

Blooming Teas

A finest collection of hand-sewn green and white tea with fresh flowers.
These beautiful display teas are a delight for both your eyes and taste buds. They are mini floral bouquets that bloom when water is poured over them. The blooms have been created by skilled artists in China who hand tie jasmine scented green tea leaves around fresh flower blossoms. The results are small tea balls with a unique sweet scent and flavour. One bloom may take 1 minute up to 10 minutes for sewing depending on the shapes and flowering types. While still moist the leaves are shaped into balls, mushrooms, cones etc and finally the teas go through the usual drying, oxidation and firing process.

Method of Preparation

Place one bloom in a teapot (a clear glass teapot is recommended so you may watch it unfurl). Bring water to a low boil and pour over tea. The tea leaves will unfurl and the tea flower will slowly open. Allow to steep 2-3 minutes, or to desired strength.
After enjoying the first pot, a Flowering Tea may be re-steeped 2-3 more times. The tea you make should be decanted into teacups within a short period of time so that leaves do not remain in hot water, which would adversely affect the fine taste of this tea. Please note that above estimations are based upon a teapot which holds 18-20 ounces.
Alternatively, you can also place blooms in wide mouthed wine glasses and pour 5 – 7 ounces of low boiling water.

1. Good Luck Bloom
Delicate and delicious spring green tea hand-wrapped around beautiful jasmine buds brews a lovely bouquet of tropical flavours and rich fragrance.

2. Flower of Wealth
Delicate and delicious spring green tea brews into a lovery bouquet of chrysanthemum blossom with colorful marigold petals.

3. Spring Delight
Delicate and delicious spring green tea brews delightful and colourful jasmine and marigold flowers reminiscent of spring time.
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